December 31, 2017
It's New Years Eve, and I have just realized I neglected to make a November post. Shoot! In November, I finally got to finish my Dreadlord Jaina piece, which was a big relief to me! I hated having to shelve it for an entire month while I tackled Inktober. I also finished a prize commission of a Lightforged Draenei, for a contest on the Warcraft twitter community I agreed to provide a prize for. I liked doing it, but I need to be more mindful of the amount of work I take on, so I don't get overwhelmed. Once I finished all my obligations I spent the rest of the month happily drawing whatever I wanted <3 The new expansion for Warcraft was announced, and I enjoyed making some fanart pieces inspired by that!

October 31, 2017
For the month of October, I participated in Inktober! It's an art challenge in which artists create a new ink drawing for every day in October. I'm happy to say I completed the month with 31 new drawings! I think there's a noticeable improvement between my drawings at the start, and my drawings at the end of the month. My line quality is more confident, and my compositions improved. Unfortunately I had to put everything else on the backburner in order to get these done. Every night I spent up to 2 hours making new drawings, and I just didn't have any energy or time left to work on other art. I'm looking forward to finishing the three things I had to put on hold, and get back to improving my digital skills! I have a gallery of my best inktober pieces here: More

October 01, 2017
I reached some major goals this month in my art! I had a successful art table at Forest City Comicon after months of prep, and it feels so good to be done. I took 17 days in September to work on a painting of Alleria Windrunner for the Shadows of Argus art contest, run by Warcraft. I won't find out the results of the contest for a little while, but it's already been worth the effort -- my piece was retweeted by the Warcraft twitter account and got 2.7k likes, making it my most popular painting yet. It feels great to put all my effort in and be recognized! I started a new piece of Jaina fanart, but I've had to put it on the backburner a little bit while I prep for Inktober. I'm going to be drawing a small ink drawing for every day in October, and I'm trying to get ahead as ...

September 24, 2017
I had a great time at Forest City Comicon yesterday. I was really happy with how my booth came together visually, and it was great seeing the results of all my hard work coming together. I loved seeing the reaction on people's faces as they came around the corner and saw my booth for the first time. I also got lots of interesting data on what was popular -- I sold out of my large Sylvanas prints mid-day, but didn't sell a single Tyrande! For next time, I want to diversify my offerings a little more and have a few more prints from popular titles besides Warcraft, Diablo, and Sailor Moon. I would like to do an Overwatch piece for sure, and maybe some Disney Princess stuff. I think I can iterate on my display as well. The buttons did well in part because I had them sitting out, ...

August 27, 2017
All my prep is complete for my appearance at Forest City Comicon! I think I've done a good job of making merchandise with a reasonable price point, at a profit margin that allows me to recoup my costs. I'm pretty proud of all the work I've done! Come see me Sept 23 in London, Ontario! Con info is here:

August 04, 2017
This month I really got to work on stuff for my Forest City Comicon art table. I got the banner done and printed, I got my art prints, I ordered stickers, and I decided to make a colouring book. Most of my free art time this month went into extracting the line art layers from my artwork, putting it in the colouring page template, and touching it up. For some pieces, like my Sailor Moon painting, I didn't have lineart and I created all new ink drawings based on the paintings. I'm proud to say that I have 19/20 pages of my book complete and I'm so close to being ready to print! I lot of people have expressed interest in buying my colouring book, and I'm excited to see how well it does! I also reached a few social media milestones this month. I hit 1000 followers on twitter, and ...

July 03, 2017
A little late but here's my personal art from June! I went on vacation and had less time for art, but I did sketchbook drawings on the go to make up for it. I also did a life-drawing session for the first time in years! Work is also proceeding on getting ready for Forest City Comicon. A lot of the planning and buying I'm doing now will pay off for future events as well, so I think it's fine if I spend more time now finding the perfect vendors and getting my table planned just so. I have a lot of my display figured out, I'm half done my stickers, and proofs of my prints are in the shop waiting for me to come approve them. I still have to figure out if I want to do enamel pins, and I need to order a vertical banner. I'm really glad I planned for a September event, there's no stress ...

June 08, 2017
This post is coming late because I went to Maui for a week at the start of June! This was a pretty busy month for me, but I managed to get some things done I'm proud of. I worked on developing a style for my speed draws that really seems to be working for me. I participated in a social media art event for the first time, creating art for #mermay! It was good publicity and fun to see what other artists did with the theme! I also worked on my artist alley plans for this year! I'll be appearing at Forest City Comicon this fall, and I'm working on my table display, prints, and other goods. I'm excited! I'm also getting better at my social media strategy. I try to plan out my week so I have something to show at least every other weekday, and often I have an art tweet every day! ...

April 30, 2017
Another month has gone by and I've made some major steps forward in my art! I've kept it up with the lunchtime speed draws, making sure to draw at least 2 lunches per work week. I don't want to draw every day, since it's important to have down time and time with friends too, but it's been good having something to work on during the day. I also opened an online shop with society6! Click on the "shop" tab at the top for a link to my store. I picked society6 because they take care of manufacturing, shipping, and billing, so I don't have to spend time on those things. I also take less profit than if I ran my own shop, but it's a good trade-off for me. People in my life have been very encouraging of the direction my art is going in, and it seems like every day one of my friends ...

April 22, 2017
Now that I've been doing more art for myself, I've been frustrated by how limited the time I have to work on my own stuff really is. I spend my peak creative hours at work, and when I have time in the evenings sometimes I don't have the brain energy to make my best work. I also feel pressure to keep posting my work to social media, and to keep growing my skill, and when I can only finish a new piece once a week or so I get frustrated. What I decided to do is use my lunch hour to experiment with little drawings, and commit to finishing it in the time I have. These drawings were all done in 10-45 minute stretches, and for each I tried to use a different tool, or technique, or just try out something I had been meaning to try. Some of these are more successful than others, but I ...