Best of 2017 – Fish World Decor

Best of 2017 – Fish World Creatures

Best of 2017 – Fish World Characters

Ryo – Devilman Crybaby

Chibi Fellmina

Purple and Teal

Vice Admiral Holdo

Winter Veil Draenei

Dreadlord Jaina

Battle for Azeroth Jaina Proudmoore

Original Drawings from Inktober 2017

Witcher Drawings from Inktober 2017

Warcraft Drawings from Inktober 2017

Alleria Windrunner

Manitoba Landscape

Sansa Stark (study from photo)

Moon Priestess

Baby Fairy Dragon

Moon Child Faebelina

Little Purple Fairy

Fellmina the Druid

Ice Cream Elemental

Mermaid for Mermay 2017

Rainbow Unicorn

Rainbow Mermaid

Tyrande Whisperwind

Mystic Mermaid


Fruit Dragons

Super Sailor Moon

Self Portrait

Li-Ming, the Rebellious Wizard

Sylvanas Windrunner

Embracing the World

Best of 2016 Creatures

Best of 2016 Fairies

Fish World Roulette

Big Viking Valkyrie

Mermaid Dreaming

Fish World Autumn Waterfalls

Fish World Enchanted Forest Slot Machine

Asakusa Shrine

Knitting a Hat

Tree House

Martian Settlement

Daleks – 3D Practice in Maya

Fish World Feeding Frenzy Slot Machine

The General

Tired of Kanji


Sea Monster

Cyberpunk Character Concepts



Fish World Carriage Rider

Fish World Mermaid

Cyberpunk Action

Fish World Creatures