December 20, 2018
2018 Year in Review

It was a difficult year, but I also produced some of the best work of my career this year. For that I am really proud.

I lost my mother in law in February, and took most of the month off from doing personal art. I spent the rest of the year making sure not to overextend myself, while continuing to make art and reach my goals. It’s hard to strike a good balance between taking time for self care and using my time effectively when I need to squeeze it all in after a full time job, but I managed. 

This year my main goal was to get better at lighting, paying more attention to the light source and trying to improve at things like cast shadows. I also tried to vary my subject matter a little more with some environment pieces, and I think overall my portfolio looks more well-rounded. I also worked on loosening up my brushwork and not over-rendering my pieces.

For 2019, I want to do more substantial environment pieces and character art with more movement. I’d also like to do more creature design since my dragon art was popular at the comicons. I’m thinking about putting together a mini art book, and depending on how my schedule looks next October, do the full Inktober challenge with the goal of making a zine with the completed pieces. Finally, I might have the opportunity to learn more advanced animation techniques in the new year at work, and I really hope that comes to pass.

I’ve got faith in myself that even when things were terrible, I managed to stay the course. I can look back on my year with pride. Let’s hope for a great 2019!