August 30, 2018
Art from August

I kept busy in August with some new pieces and a few secret pieces I can’t share quite yet.

I finished my last print for this year’s convention season, of D.Va from Overwatch. Last year, I wished I had a bit more variety in my print lineup, so I’m glad to be heading into this season with a more varied selection.

I also worked on a few Warframe fanart pieces just for fun. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing my pieces on the weekly Primetime Twitch stream!

My main piece I’m working on right now is for a zine project, the Release! CLAMP fanzine by Blue Bee Zines. One of my goals for this year was to participate in a zine, since the Warcraft one I did last year was such a rewarding experience. I consistently applied for projects I was interested in, until I was accepted to one. I have my piece in the early stages, I’ve just finished doing the colour sketch and it’s looking great!

The book will be coming out in time for the Christmas shopping season. I’ll be sure to update here when it comes out!