June 04, 2016
Big Viking Valkyries!

For International Women’s Day this year, my workplace Big Viking Games created this video interviewing several of the awesome women I work with! I was also interviewed and you can see my answers about things like what it’s like to work in the game industry as a woman.

Honestly, this is a bit of a difficult topic for me. I really want young women looking at games as a potential career to feel empowered to go for their dreams, because I absolutely love working in games and I can’t imagine doing anything else! I also totally understand if someone looks at the industry as it is, and decides not to work in games because there are definite hazards to working in this field as a woman.

My advice to anyone on the fence about whether to pursue games is to go in with open eyes, and try to find women who work at the companies you’re interested in and ask them how things are. Understand that most people working in games are good people, and we tend to hear a lot more horror stories than stories about when things are going well. I have no regrets going into games as a career and I consider myself very lucky to be working at such a good company.

After the video came out, a friend at work suggested I make a lady version of our viking mascot to celebrate the accomplishments of the many talented women I work with. I thought that was a fantastic idea, and here it is!


Completed in Adobe Illustrator using the blob brush tool to create the ink outlines, pen tool to create the fill shapes, and gradients to add shadow and shape to the forms. I sketched it out first in my sketchbook, took a photo of the sketch, and uploaded it into Illustrator to trace over.  I tried using a coloured ink look instead of black outlines, and I think it really added a feeling of softness to the fur and hair.


Here’s the sketch version!


And here’s the process about halfway through. I’m trying to figure out fonts, and you can see I eventually went with the middle one. The Ink lines are still black at this point, see how the fur in the final version looks much more convincing with beige outlines? The skin outlines, especially around the chin and nose, are also much softer and prettier. I hope you enjoyed this look at my process!