February 28, 2019
February 2019 Update!

It’s the last day of February, and I’ve been making steady progress towards my goals.

I completed all 5 acrylic keychain designs, and they’ve been prepped and sent to the manufacturer! I’m working with Ink It Labs, and I’ve ordered 2-inch clear acrylic charms. Just a few more weeks and I’ll be able to hold them in my hands!

I’ll be adding a keychain attachment and placing them in bags with glossy cardstock tags. The keychains themselves were expensive to do, especially with the Canadian dollar exchange, and I’m hoping I can charge at the higher end for the quality I’ve invested in these. Here’s a sneak peek of the hard work I’ve been putting into them!

Packaging Design for Heroines of WoW Keychains

Beyond that, I’ve created a concise resume that’s available on my website for people who want to work with me on freelance or contract work. I’m happy working full time where I am, but I really want to branch out and get more freelance experience in my free time. Check it out here!

Up next, I’m working on a set of premium quality postcards with my art on them, to sell at conventions. Postcards are very reasonably priced to have made (thank you Vistaprint!), and I am thinking of printing 5 designs, bundling them nicely together, and selling them as a set. It might help fill the gap with convention-goers who want to support me, but don’t want to commit to a print. I know that for myself, wall space in my studio is at an absolute premium, so when I buy a new print I pretty much have to take another one down. Last year my original fantasy environment pieces were popular, so why not sell a packaged bundle of 5 in the same theme?

And one last thing! Paulina Roberts, a London, ON based artist, created this gorgeous painting of my original character Fellmina. I’m so moved that she liked my character design I created, and she did such a great job! Check out more of her work on Instagram as well!