March 23, 2019
Heroines of WoW Keychain Launch!

I’m happy to announce that my Warcraft keychain line is complete, and ready for sale! I started sketching designs for these in January, and here we are in March with the completed product. I’m feeling pretty proud to take my idea and make it real, there’s nothing like holding in your hand something you made yourself.

I feel like I made a very high quality product, by working with a reputable company like Ink It Labs, everyone who holds the keychains comments on how vibrant they are, how finely detailed, and how shiny and smooth they are. They just feel good to hold in your hands.

My store will be opening on Monday, March 25, at 7pm EDT. I have limited quantities available, so if you’d like one, check out the store then!

The acrylic charms, stacked and ready to be assembled.
Assembly steps: remove acrylic charm backing paper, attach keychain, place in bag, fold card in half, staple card to bag.
The finished products! Individually packaged to keep them pristine and free of fingerprints.
Finished promo graphic. I photographed the keychains draped onto a black faux fur jacket, and then adjusted the levels in Photoshop so it would be a fairly neutral textured background.