February 01, 2018
January Art Roundup!

We’re one month into 2018 and I’m feeling pretty good with what I’ve accomplished!

I don’t have any assignments or cons upcoming in the near future, so I’m free to work on things that I want to do. The plan is to slowly build my catalogue of art prints up so that I have a good selection of popular artwork to sell by the time the summer con season rolls around. In between that, I’m going to draw whatever catches my interest, and try to specifically work on my weak points to improve overall.

Each of the 6 personal pieces I completed were picked to work on a specific skill. Vice Admiral Holdo was an attempt at a realistic likeness using Real Oils. The Fellmina chibi was a chance for me to flex my vector art muscles outside of work without the limitations on time and file size that I must adhere to in my day job. The blood elf with the celestial dagger was my strongest attempt yet at painting local colour and shadow/highlights as separate layers, instead of painting each area colour by colour. My subject matter may seem a bit similar from piece to piece, but each new drawing is an experiment and a chance for me to practice a new skill.

I also have a few works in progress, a Sailor Moon print and a Warcraft print, that I will be picking away at. I was sick for 2 weeks in January, which set me back from my goals for this month, but all I can do is forge onward and keep making things I love!