July 03, 2017
June Art Roundup

A little late but here’s my personal art from June! I went on vacation and had less time for art, but I did sketchbook drawings on the go to make up for it. I also did a life-drawing session for the first time in years!

Work is also proceeding on getting ready for Forest City Comicon. A lot of the planning and buying I’m doing now will pay off for future events as well, so I think it’s fine if I spend more time now finding the perfect vendors and getting my table planned just so. I have a lot of my display figured out, I’m half done my stickers, and proofs of my prints are in the shop waiting for me to come approve them. I still have to figure out if I want to do enamel pins, and I need to order a vertical banner. I’m really glad I planned for a September event, there’s no stress on me right now and I can take it easy planning things day to day.

My biggest accomplishment this month was challenging myself to a large, multi-figure digital painting. I learned a lot and I think I can do an even better job the next time I take something of this size on.