May 30, 2018
May Art Roundup!

This month I feel like I hit my groove again. I’m proud of all I accomplished!

I continued practicing with some quick anatomy studies from reference. I’d like to continue doing that going forward, it doesn’t take a lot of time and it helps me level up quicker.

I got a couple pieces for Mermay done, I did a dress design for the Met Gala “metsona” meme, and I finally finished the Alexstrasza print idea I have been wanting to do since January.

My new Alexstrasza piece is probably my strongest work yet, or at least tied with Alleria. Alexstrasza was much faster for a couple reasons. I have figured out the mixer brushes in Photoshop, allowing me to get smooth colour transitions way easier. This makes things like rendering skin simpler and has a more pleasing result. I also have been using less layers, which makes edgework cleaner and easier to do. For example, Alexstrazsa’s legs were painted in a single layer, whereas in the past I would have painted the gold, red, and black areas separately and merged them after. Part of this is just me being confident enough to paint larger pieces in one go!

Next up I’m working on an Overwatch print that I’ll be selling for charity. I’m excited to work on it!