June 08, 2017
May Art Roundup!

This post is coming late because I went to Maui for a week at the start of June!

This was a pretty busy month for me, but I managed to get some things done I’m proud of. I worked on developing a style for my speed draws that really seems to be working for me.

I participated in a social media art event for the first time, creating art for #mermay! It was good publicity and fun to see what other artists did with the theme!

I also worked on my artist alley plans for this year! I’ll be appearing at Forest City Comicon this fall, and I’m working on my table display, prints, and other goods. I’m excited!

I’m also getting better at my social media strategy. I try to plan out my week so I have something to show at least every other weekday, and often I have an art tweet every day! Even when I was in Maui, I had planned posts that I sent out, and I sketched on the plane and turned that into a post. I’ve noticed my follower count on various social media sites has been increasing at a higher rate than before. It’s great getting positive reinforcement when I’m doing something that’s working!