November 24, 2018
Release! A CLAMP Fanzine Preorders Open!

I’m excited to announce the fanzine project I created a piece for is open for preorders!

I spent my entire month of September creating a Magic Knight Rayearth fanart painting for this project. The theme of the book is the works of all-women manga artist collective CLAMP, who created Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, X/1999, and many more. You can see my piece in the preview image, and the print quality looks incredible! The colours are so rich and vibrant. I’m excited to receive my copy of the book!

The book is A5 size, with 70 pages of art from 28 artists from all around the world. All profits will be donated to a wildlife shelter. It’s only 12 Euros, which as of this day is only $18 CAD, so it really is good value.

Preorders are open November 23 to December 30, check it out here!