October 28, 2018
Report from London Comic Con

Another con season comes to an end! It was my first time doing London Comic Con, and I found some interesting differences from Forest City Comicon.

Overall, there seemed to be more people at the con, and I got a great reception overall to my work. People who made purchases tended to buy smaller value items such as stickers and small prints, as opposed to Forest City Comicon, where people gravitated towards the original ink drawings and larger prints. Overall I did better at this con, but it was also a 3-day event compared to a 1-day, and the money I generated per hour at Forest City Comicon was better.

I’m not sure if I will do both cons next year. I am looking into some events in the Toronto area, so it will depend whether I am able to get a spot at those shows!  I can definitely see doing either Forest City or London again, but probably not both again unless I only do those shows and no others.

As at Forest City, at London Comic Con people loved my original work, especially The Magic Forest and my red dragon sticker design. I’m happy to have the same reception at two different events, and I’m already thinking of new pieces that will hit some of the same notes as those.