April 22, 2017
Speed Draws and Lunch Art!

Now that I’ve been doing more art for myself, I’ve been frustrated by how limited the time I have to work on my own stuff really is. I spend my peak creative hours at work, and when I have time in the evenings sometimes I don’t have the brain energy to make my best work.

I also feel pressure to keep posting my work to social media, and to keep growing my skill, and when I can only finish a new piece once a week or so I get frustrated.

What I decided to do is use my lunch hour to experiment with little drawings, and commit to finishing it in the time I have. These drawings were all done in 10-45 minute stretches, and for each I tried to use a different tool, or technique, or just try out something I had been meaning to try.

Some of these are more successful than others, but I learned something from each one.

We’ve also been doing group speed draw challenges at work lately with a set theme, and I’ve been enjoying those!

I’ve committed myself to drawing at least twice per week at work, and my hope is you will begin to see an arc of improvement in them over the coming months!